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Latina Oktoberfest Fantasy


Colombian sexbombs can celebrate Oktoberfest, too, and sultry Sofia Santana is here to show how she raises a brew or two and parties. She wants to know if you want some beer and pours some of her beer on her big boobs, a good way to cool off her hot tits. So drink up.

XLGirls: Sofia, how was your experience modeling for The SCORE Group?

Sofia: It was quite pleasant. They are excellent people and very respectful.

XLGirls: What kind of job did you do before deciding to model?

Sofia: I was a nurse.

XLGirls: A nurse! You’re obviously a woman who’s proud of her body. Would you say that’s true?

Sofia: That’s completely true. I am very proud of my body.

XLGirls: When did you realize you have a body that men desire?

Sofia: When I was a teenager.

XLGirls: Are girls jealous of you?

Sofia: Yes, most of them are.

Date: October 25, 2019