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U Banged Nikki?


Big-boobed Nikki Smith gets a big cock adventure with Pike in a point-of-view, you-the-man fuck and suck session called “U Banged Nikki?” You get lots of direct eye-contact and no guy-face in the picture. It got very wet and messy for Nikki.

Nikki gets all the cock she can suck and tit-fuck, and then she opens her legs and has her pussy stretched and filled. Then she sticks out her long, sexy tongue for her reward of man-syrup. Nikki likes a take-charge guy to lead her in a dirty dance, and doing hardcore scenes at XL Girls was the perfect way to get no-strings-attached stiff cock and a big load of semen.

“Nothing satisfies me better than a real cock fucking me. As much as I orgasm from toys and masturbation, I always crave the big cock and I love it when a man controls me since I have a submissive nature when it comes to guys.”

The camera definitely brought out the man-pleaser in Nikki Smith.

Date: October 25, 2019