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Craven Her Sex


Jes Craven is admiring herself in the mirror. She’s enjoying her pink lingerie and so is Tony who walks over and can’t keep his hands off her sexy butt, so round and firm. Still gazing at her reflection, Jes squeezes and slides her hands over her 36H-cups. Tony sticks his hand south and rubs Jes’ clitty. She purrs like a kitten ready for cream. That’ll come at the end of this tale.

Jes’ lips open so Tony can stick a finger between them. That’ll be replaced by a cock soon enough. This time Tony is the one to kneel so he can suck on Jes’ nipples and bury his face in her deep cleavage chasm. He offers Jes his man-salami and she takes it in her mouth to suck it erotically.

Jes’ cleavage is next to nestle his boner. He climbs on top of her and sucks on her nipples again, then moves up to tit-fuck Jes again. Her heavy jugs are a cock magnet. She pulls her lingerie off so Tony can bury his shaft inside her pierced pussy. She cries out as the penetrating rod invades her wet cunt and begins to move in and out, building up a fuck rhythm in different positions.

Kneeling before him, Jes looks up and wants his cum in her mouth. Her request can’t be denied. He jacks until he shoots his wad directly on Jes’ tongue. She swallows every drop, wiping some of it off her chin and licking it off her fingers as she looks into the camera.

Date: November 3, 2019