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Making Sparks With Christy Sparks


Young and hot Christy Sparks is welcomed to the big show by Sean Lawless in a getting-to-know-you chat in bed. Porn pro Sean asks Christy some questions about herself, and while they’re talking, he positions Christy to better show off her big boobs and legs to the camera.

Christy’s a little nervous. She’s a little worried about looking silly. Of course, she won’t. Sean’s got a porn virgin on his hands. He’s there to help. Her natural, girl-next-door personality, dark, curly hair, braces and sexy flirtatiousness are an absolute turn-on.

Sean has Christy kneel on the bed so he can fondle her big 34DDD tits and finger her pussy. She sits on his lap so he can play with her boobs from behind, unlatching her front-hooking bra. He may be the only porn guy ever to say to a girl on-camera that he’s not important to the camera, Christy is. He makes this scene the Christy Sparks show.

Sean plays with Christy’s breasts for a healthy amount of time, licking, squeezing, sucking, tasting. She’s on top of him when he asks her if she likes sucking dick. Christy replies that she does. She pulls off his pants, takes his cock in her hand and gets busy.

Then we find out that Christy’s a screamer. As soon as Sean starts fucking her, she lets loose.

Date: November 3, 2019