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She’s Got Skills


A girl with a name like Pleasure Mia knows how to get a guy off at any time and in any place.

“I once fucked a dude in a dressing room at the mall,” Pleasure Mia told us. “We pretended he was helping me try something on, but I was really just wearing him out.”

Pleasure’s got sex skills to pay the bills, but we don’t think she’ll be wearing out our boy John Strange. He’s handled–and slayed–several of the thickest bitches you’ll ever find. And our boy couldn’t be more excited to get his hands on Pleasure.

“You like what you see?” Pleasure asks as she strips off her clothes.

“Oh yeah,” John eagerly responds.

“You want to fuck me, then show me,” Pleasure responds.

And away we go. These two go to work on each other like two bunny rabbits in heat. John can’t keep his hands off her and Pleasure can’t keep her mouth off his cock. The only solution is for John to stuff his cock deep inside her cunt. That way everyone’s happy. Especially John, who shoots his load all over her plump ass.

Date: November 4, 2019