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Amy Villainous & Her Two-Man Date At


Sam Shock shows housemate Anthony Gaultier a photo of a girl on a dating site he belongs to. The girl happens to be Amy Villainous, a looker who has a pair of the biggest and most beautiful tits in the world, so this is Sam’s lucky day.

Amy shows up for a date and sits on the couch with Sam. They don’t waste much time chatting. Sam wants to play with Amy’s twin treasures. As soon as Amy lifts her shirt up, Sam gets hands-on.

Meanwhile Anthony, a suspected cock-blocker, is trying to spy on the happy couple from the pool area. Seeing a guy staring through the window while a date is feeling up her body would be enough to make a girl get chilly nipples and leave, but Amy tells Sam that she gets excited by being watched, one of the reasons she became a model and porn star. Sam introduces Anthony to Amy. She tells him to sit next to her and watch Sam play with her massive jugs

It doesn’t take long at all for Sam and Anthony to each get a giant tit to happily suck on. Amy wants to see their dicks. She’s the adventurous type. As soon as they whip them out, Amy gets a grip on them and starts sucking each one in turn. The guys go tag-team on Amy, fucking her wet pussy, deep cleavage and throat, and then jerking their loads onto her pretty face and 38J-cup tits.

Date: November 5, 2019