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Starting Sparks At XLGirls


“I dress to show off my breasts,” said Christy Sparks, a college student. “I like the attention.”

After checking out Christy emailed her photos to our studio team and they asked the editors for their opinions. She would masturbate and have hardcore sex with guys or girls. “Let’s bring Christy in,” was the consensus.

Christy had never professionally modeled before but she was willing to give it a go. What’s not to like? A trip to Miami and a nice hotel are extra perks.

“Sometimes I get shy from all the attention but I enjoy it. I buy bras that are flattering to my chest. I always get a fitting before I buy. When I’m home, the bra comes off.” Christy’s hobbies include reading, working out and watching boxing matches.

Dave likes her braces. He calls them a hot button. “Although brace-face babes are very popular among the 18eighteen crowd, we’ve had very few busty babes with braces. Because we normally associate braces with teenage girls, they usually make a girl seem younger than she is, and that young ‘n’ stacked button is a hot one for a lot of us, me included.”

Date: November 7, 2019