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Booty Tryout


“I’m here to audition for the music video,” Diamond Mason says as our scene opens.

Diamond looks good enough to qualify, but our boy Enzo has a rigorous screening process. He has to see all of Diamond’s moves before she nabs a spot in his video.

“Okay,” Enzo says, sizing her up from head-to-toe. “Let’s see what you’re working with.”

Diamond swiftly spins around and begins poppin’ and twerkin’ her phat, chocolate ‘donk.

“Is this all I have to do to get the job?” She asks.

“I think I’m going to have to see a little bit more of you,” Enzo responds.

Enzo takes a seat on the nearby couch and Diamond is ready to show him every trick she has. She begins by giving Enzo a lap dance that would make even the baddest strippers in Miami blush. She’s teasing his lips with her tits and moves to his crotch a few times to nibble on his dick through his slacks.

When she pulls Enzo’s cock out of his pants, he’s already rock hard. Diamond stuffs his cock into her mouth and gives Enzo the type of head dudes dream about. She strokes his cock while sucking him off. After his cock is nice and lubed up, Diamond hops on top and rides him cowgirl, bouncing her phat ‘donk like she’s working it on a dance floor.

Diamond flips around and fucks Enzo reverse cowgirl before it’s time for Enzo to take control. He smashes Diamond doggystyle and you can hear her ass bouncing on his pelvis. Her moans are growing louder, too, and soon she’s cumming.

Enzo can’t hold on any longer by this point, either. He pulls his cock out of her and shoots his load onto her phat ass.

We think it’s safe to assume Diamond landed this gig.

Date: November 8, 2019