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Sofia Deluxe: Bikini, Oil, Sun


A proud member of the Colombian tit squad, Sofia Deluxe has a body just right for tiny bikinis and this scene is proof. It’s another hot day in this lush nation and Sofia makes it hotter.

For girls like Sofia, Isa Gomez and Sofia Damon, our photo team will gladly fly over a thousand miles and arrange a scenic location to shoot in.

Sofia walks around the pool area and struts her stuff, and this girl has a lot to strut about. Her body is lush and her tits are enormous and beautifully shaped with pale areolae and pointy nipples.

It’s oily time for Sofia. She squirts her body with the entire bottle. “Sorry, we ran out of oil,” Sofia jokes as she rubs it on her tits, her belly and her ass.

“I want to masturbate,” Sofia says in Spanish. She sits and pleasures her clit and pussy. Sofia said she masturbates constantly but only has sex four times a month on average.

Date: November 11, 2019