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Daphne’s Ass Needs Attention


Daphne Rosen is standing outside on a balcony, all by her lonesome when she notices that you are watching her. “Hey there! I am sure most of you out there know me as Daphne Rosen, the model with huge fucking tits. I know you love them, but I have something else that tends to get ignored and I wanted to share it with you today,” she says with a smile on her face. “It’s my big fucking ass. It’s nice and round and soft and I was thinking that maybe I should share it with you today. Maybe I should hike this skirt up a little bit and share it with you today. Ooh, look how it shakes when I lift it up. Look at my big ass in all its glory. And as much as I would like to sit here and play with it all by myself, I was thinking that maybe I should bring a guy out here to help me with it?” And that’s just what she does. She gets her salad tossed and her ass spanked and then it’s time for her tight little butthole to get fingered. Then she sucks on this stud’s cock and gets it nice and wet so he can pound her pussy from the back. She rides cowgirl and then she throws that ass in the air again cause she wants to get pounded and coated in cum. And that’s what this stud does; he glazes her ass like a doughnut and Daphne loves every second.

Date: November 12, 2019