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Holly Wood. Superstar.


Holly Wood knows she’s got a hot ass, and she’s confident you’ll think the same thing when you see her. How confident? She named her personal website

This Hollywood native now resides at a little place called The Bunny Ranch in Nevada. Yeah, you may have heard about it. It’s the legal brothel featured on TV where you can pay to spend the day with beautiful women like Hollywood.

If you don’t want to rush into fucking Holly Wood’s tight, smooth pussy, she loves getting massages. Or maybe you could catch some sports on the tube. She’s a big fan of the 49ers, the Lakers, and the Kings. She also enjoys going golfing, racing cars and swimming. “I like fun dates,” she told us. “I prefer the ones that end up with me being naked and bent over furniture somewhere! My favorite positions are doggie style and missionary.” And Holly Wood loves foreplay, too. “I like giving and receiving. Nothing makes me tremble and moan more than having my pussy licked!”

Nothing, Hollywood? “Well, actually, nothing makes me purr more than having my ass licked!” That’s what we thought.

Hollywood was excited to have her big, hourglass body worshiped by one of our studs. She spent a long time getting ready for the scene, so it’s nice to watch our stud spend a long time caressing and squeezing her magnificent body. He, of course, takes an extra long while massaging and kneading her big, beautiful ass.

“I’ve been tied up, bound, and blindfolded. I’ve been hand fed chocolate covered strawberries, then had hot wax dripped all over me. I’ve had ice cubes slowly tracing my nipples and inserted into my wet pussy seconds before being fucked. I’ve had wild and passionate encounters, but nothing compares to fucking your stud on-camera. It’s been so exciting!”

We brought Hollywood into our studios to shoot this set for, and our coworkers over at SCOREland took one look at her 36DDD-cup tits and wondered why she doesn’t also own They stole her away from us to shoot some content for them. Be sure to check out more of her SCORE exclusive content at

Date: November 12, 2019