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Roller Booty


Georgia Peach is 5’2″, 128 pounds and measures 34-27-36. Her ass is not like your average white chick’s bottom. She has an ass like Sara Jay’s. It’s big, round, juicy and firm. Here, Johnny Rod is doing some landscaping when Georgia comes roller skating by his job site. He decides to alter Georgia’s landscape by feeding his cock into her mouth then drilling her pink cunt before letting her hop on top to stroke his dick with her asshole. Georgia’s reward is a load of cum all over her pretty white ass, and that really adjusts the landscape!

“What satisfies me best is laying on my back and the guy slamming his dick into my pussy and ass,” Georgia told us. “I do special ass-stretching exercises first before I have anal sex. That way, the guy can get his cock in there nice. Men are always complimenting me on my butt, and the guys I date always want to fuck me in my ass. That’s cool because I love it. I had fun roller skating and Johnny was a dirty man. He had a good cock, thick like I like it. Boy, he really had to stuff it in!”

And stuff it in he did! You know, this just goes to prove that a chick doesn’t have to be a black chick or a Latina chick to have a nice, fuckable booty. Sometimes, a white girl comes along with a booty that’s made for fucking. Georgia has a real peach of a booty. That’s why her name is Georgia Peach. Fuck, you didn’t think that was her real name, did you?

Date: November 15, 2019