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The Soft, Creamy Flesh of Tessa Orlov


You are looking at Tessa Orlov, a green-eyed Russian ice cream salesgirl turned XL Girl. She wrote that her friend who’s a fan of big boobs asked her if she would pose naked for XL Girls. Now, usually that approach falls flatter than an 18eighteen model’s chest, but Tessa liked the idea. She looks a little like Czech bra-buster Monica Love and has that same cuddle-bunny personality and appearance.

Tessa’s always gotten attention from the guys. She likes it. “I like to be looked at. I like to catch guys looking at me. It makes me feel attractive that men are drawn to me. I like it when I hear a man call me a busty beauty.”

Tessa is not shy at all and was happy to get naked, play with her big tits and finger her pussy. “I like to masturbate with toys. Fingers, too, but I use toys more often to pleasure myself. It makes me feel relaxed. I sleep better. I love sex with hot guys, too, and you will see me do that.”

Date: November 23, 2019