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The Office, XL Girls Style


Angel DeLuca is one of the sexiest dishes to appear at XL Girls. She has that mysterious X magic that comes naturally. A sex appeal that can’t be faked. Her hardcore scenes always have that extra touch of simmering heat that jacks up the room temperature. Angel gets fucked often and well with no strings attached by big-cock porn studs.

The business world is a nine-to-five grind and it chews people up. This scene strips bare the inner-workings of the typical human resources department. We can see why Angel made the most of her abundant assets and became a cam girl and a model instead of working for cold-blooded, corporate motherfuckers.

In all fairness, this HR director couldn’t control himself and gets a little too hands-on. Unfortunately, it ends before we find out if Angel got the job or not. We can tell you damned straight we’d hire her the second she walked through the doorway.

XL Girls: So, Angel, what makes you cum the absolute hardest?

Angel: When my clit is being licked just right, getting worked up and dripping wet, then getting tongue-fucked.

XL Girls: Cock size. Important or not?

Angel: Not too important. I’m really more concerned if the guy can use it correctly. In other words, make me cum before he does so he can feel my pussy tighten on his cock. That gets me off more!

Date: November 29, 2019