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Annabelle Rogers: Ripe, Juicy & Succulent


A trip with Annabelle Rogers to the fruit section of a supermarket must be an unforgettable experience. Juicy and succulent Annabelle has a selection of fruit to examine: bananas, cherries, cantaloupes, strawberries and apples plus a can of whipped cream. Watch and enjoy as Annabelle turns herself into a shapely human dessert.

“I really like how I can turn a guy on with just my boobs, plus we can look at each other while we’re doing it. It’s very intimate,” said Annabelle, Voluptuous covergirl (January 2019).

“I love missionary. I like putting my legs over his shoulders. I know exactly the position where I can cum. And again with missionary, it can be very rough or very softcore. It’s just the good, classic position. We can kiss, we can do boob-play, we can look each other in the eyes.”

Annabelle talked about sex with more than one partner.

“I can only have one cock at a time. I’ve tried it with dildoing myself, but it’s too hard. Maybe if other people are doing the work. I have been fingered by two guys at the same time. One was fingering my ass and one was fingering my pussy. It was amazing!

“When I was a virgin, I was a finger-bang slut. I used to hope that every guy I went out with would finger me. One time, one guy fingered my ass while the other fingered my pussy in front of people that were sleeping. That was hot.”

Date: December 1, 2019