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Sex In The Stacks


People often email or send letters wondering about the actual production facilities and personnel at The SCORE Group. So this is what goes on here five days a week. The two archivists are Charlotte Angel and new hire Peter who you know as performers. Charlotte handles the storage and distribution of content to the editors and art directors and she’s brought in Peter to assist her. She shows Peter around the building and then takes him to her department.

After making sure Peter is comfortable at his new desk, Charlotte shows him the stacks. On these shelves are the photo sets in storage, content used before digital replaced film. Peter seems more interested in Charlotte’s stacks than in the shelves and we understand perfectly. He’s fallen into a dream job.

Charlotte likes her new assistant and encourages him to explore her stacks. It’s a tight squeeze between shelving but our dedicated duo are able to get to the bottom of things very quickly. It doesn’t take long for Peter’s accidental breast fondling to get serious and win Charlotte over. It’s a good thing the boss isn’t around. He doesn’t mind employees establishing harmonious relationships of the intimate kind but he prefers to have the cameras standing by when it happens so he can add more content to the XL Girls inventory and maximize the revenue stream.

As Charlotte and her new hire explore more of this palace of pictures, mostly from the vantage point of Charlotte sitting on Peter’s peter, the work load eventually becomes too much and Peter winds up blowing his stack right down Charlotte’s hot, wet mouth. She swallows every drop because she needs to keep the Archive tidy. They’ll resume their project tomorrow.

And that’s it, a typical day for two TSG employees just doing their jobs and making the world a better place by flooding it with the best and biggest tits and asses.

Date: December 7, 2019