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Khloe’s Lust


Her lush anatomy wrapped in a kinky fetish-slave dress that comes with such accessories as chains and wrist-restraints, Khloe Lust plays with the slave-girl fantasy.

Khloe crawls on her hands and knees and plays tongue games, licking her lips and sticking out her pink tongue like she’s ready to lick something hard. The fresh-faced redhead fondles her big tits and pinches her nipples after lowering the strips that make up the top of her dress.

Khloe continues to crawl around the stage on all fours and then chills out her nipples with an ice cube. Her nipples get hard from the cold contact. She pops the cube in her mouth then cups and fondles her boobs with two hands.

Khloe said she has no fetishes (except for liking vibrators) but she did mention a kinky experience about being handcuffed and tied to a bed.

Date: December 8, 2019