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Lovely & Fucked


“I love to please men,” said big-titted, big-assed Lila Lovely and she shows that by making Tarzan go ape over her. After fucking Lila, he shares his coconut juice with her, spurting on her face. Her outstretched tongue is ready to catch some too.

“I’m a submissive and it pleases me to please men. I like to let the man be the dominant, controlling one. A dominant, strong man knows how to take care of his girl and please her.”

Lila thinks sex and love make the world go ’round. “I would run into an NRA event and replace all the guns with dildos.” It’s the thought that counts.

“I love getting compliments about my belly, my big boobs and my curves. I think more guys are not hiding their feelings anymore about liking thick girls.” Can we get a like for Lila! You betcha!

Date: December 9, 2019