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Bad As She Wants To Be


A lot of girls with big boobs or big booties cover their assets up. This is often because they’re shy and don’t want to deal with tons of guys approaching them. Olivia Jackson isn’t that type of girl. She’s got it and she flaunts it.

“Why should I cover up?” Olivia says. “I love my body and I’m proud of it. I like meeting new people, too. While it is mostly guys who approach me, girls will sometimes come up to me and comment on my tits and ass, too. I’ve had some ask to touch my tits. I’ve had strippers spank my ass.”

Olivia is the type of girl you love from every angle. Well, what we mean is that she’s the type you fuck from every angle. And that’s exactly what our friend Rocky does in this scene. Olivia is as bad as she wants to be, and she shows how bad she can get. She has it, and she flaunts it.

Date: December 27, 2019