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Rich & Creamy


Bedeli isn’t the type of chick you would usually call high strung. We’ve all seen this girl get down, but seein’ her like this, we’ll call her high strung or anything else she wants. The sight of Bedeli’s creamy skin, tight curves and phat ass tied to a stairwell waiting for you to dominate her is a welcome surprise for any man. It’s like receiving some gift-wrapped pussy for your birthday.

But when you’ve got Bedeli like this, you can’t give it all to her at once. Our boy Juan knows he’s got to warm Bedeli up with a little teasing before going to work on all that booty.

Juan oils up and plays with Bedeli’s ass. Like the saying goes, “that must be jelly ’cause jam don’t jiggle like that.” And man, does Bedeli have an ass made for poppin’ and jiggling. We could watch it all day.

“Oh, play with my ass,” Bedeli moans. “You’re getting me all hot.”

Juan keeps the teasing going by licking her asshole. Being the good dude that he is, Juan asks Bedeli if she’s ready for more.

“You want me to untie you?” he asks.

“Oh, yeah, baby,” Bedeli responds. “I want you to fuck my ass.”

Juan unties her, but the teasing isn’t done yet. He finger-blasts Bedeli’s tight, pink pussy while licking her nipple, and Bedeli moans with ecstasy until she can’t take anymore. She hops down onto her knees and shoves Juan’s fat cock into her mouth with vigor, taking nearly every inch she can down her throat.

Finally, Juan takes Bedeli onto the couch and she shoves his cock into her dripping-wet pussy.

“Aw, yeah,” she says as Juan fucks her reverse-cowgirl. “I love that dick inside my pussy. You make me so hot.”

Things get hotter when Juan gets Bedeli onto her side and sticks his stiff dick into her asshole.

“Oh, that ass is so tight,” he says as he shoves his cock in and out of her.

“Oh, fuck my ass,” Bedeli screams after Juan turns her around and fucks her ass doggy style. “Aye, Papi, just like that. Que rico!”

Que rico means “How rich!” or “How nice!” in Spanish, which is a fitting way to end this scene. Juan unleashes a nice, rich torrent of cum into Bedeli’s mouth. Que rico, indeed.

Date: December 27, 2019