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Diana Eisley: Hostess With The Mostest


It’s playtime on a windy terrace overlooking the bay for sexy and busty Diana Eisley. This spectacular girl-next-door had thought about becoming a model but it wasn’t until one of our scouts spotted her working as a hostess in a restaurant that it all came true. Not just nude modeling but hardcore too.

“It’s been on my bucket list for three or four years, ever since I was 18,” Diana said. “I was very curious about how it happens because I went to a singing and drama camp, and we did a film, so I know what it’s like behind the scenes of a film, but I was very curious about how it goes behind the scenes of a porn film because they’re all naked and they’re fucking. What’s the mindset of the models? I had it at the bottom of my bucket list because I didn’t think it would ever happen. I thought, ‘If it happens, cool. If it doesn’t, it’ll just stay at the bottom of my bucket list.'”

And then things changed, entirely by chance.

“I usually wear my uniform, but that day, I was wearing a tank top. I had no laundry done, so I had to come in wearing a tank top that day. The owner complained because he said it’s not very modest. And because of what he said, I kept pulling up my tank top. I was serving a man just like any other customer, and after he finished eating, he approached me at the counter and told me he was a recruiter for a modeling company. He didn’t tell me specifics on what it was, but he told me he would like to exchange numbers and keep in contact and see if he can get me any jobs. We exchanged numbers. I went home.

“At first I thought it was fake, like a scam or something, but I decided, ‘You know what? I’ve done nothing for the last year since moving here. Let’s try something new.’ I texted him saying, ‘Hey, this is the hostess from the sushi bar you came to. Do you remember me?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, you’re the girl with the voluptuous boobs.’

“And after a few texts back and forth, I asked him for his name, I asked him what he wants me to get into, because when he said in the text, ‘You’re the girl with the voluptuous boobs,’ I kinda got a red flag from that because that’s not usually the kind of thing someone says to you. So I asked, ‘What are you recruiting for?’ and he told me he’s recruiting for porn and big boobs. He told me that there’s a company that likes working with girls with very curvy body types, and he told me about you guys, The SCORE Group. I didn’t even find out the name of the website until the first shoot. So I sent him test shots you ask for and that was it.”

Date: January 24, 2020