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Roughing It


After meeting Cami Cooper at XL Girls, chatting her up and sizing her up, Carlos Rios knew he had a compliant and submissive woman he could rough it with. Putty in his hands. No frail lightweight, Cami could handle being seized, backed up against a wall, pushed around and manhandled as he grabbed, squeezed and smacked her big, heavy tits as the camera rolled. She enjoyed it.

The mature MILF doesn’t get this kind of action at home or have one-day stands with professional studs. Carlos was her demanding tutor. She got good marks from her instructor.

Cami gets drilled and pounded so hard, the bed frame was close to breaking. Her ass cheeks are pink from being spanked. Holding her by the head, Carlos fucks Cami’s mouth. He throws Cami on the bed, has her wait on her back with her legs spread open, her feet in the air, until he’s ready to shove his dick deeply into her mommy cunt. When he’s ready to bust a nut, he gives her his cock to jerk off onto her fleshy hangers. Her initiation is complete. She smiles at the camera as she rubs the cum into her breast-flesh.

Date: January 24, 2020