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Breaking a Sweat


Take one look at Joei Deluxxxe, and you can tell she’s the type of girl who stays in shape. She measures in at 42-28-43 inches of fine, and she has her personal trainer JMac to thank for that.

“I’m so glad you’re here,” she says after letting JMac into her home. “I’ve been waiting to workout all weekend.”

The reason Joei likes JMac so much as a trainer is because he’s so hands-on. He’s a stickler for proper form, and he lends a helping hand when Joei begins to waver.

“Oh, I feel it,” she says. “That feels really good. I like when you help me work those muscles out.”

As Joei completes some squats, JMac’s hand slides from her thigh to her pussy.

“I think we should do some cardio,” he says. “Let’s get a sweat going.”

“Oh, we’re going to do everything today,” Joei says excitedly.

Indeed, they are. An intense cardio routine is an essential component of any workout program, and there’s no better form of cardio than hot, dirty sex. JMac pulls his cock out and smashes this dime piece face down, ass up and from the side before shooting a torrent of jizz on her phat ass cheeks.

Now, this is how you break a sweat.

Date: January 26, 2020