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Isa Gomez: The Breast A Man Could Ever Want


The hills are alive with the sound of Isa Gomez’s large and in charge tits bouncing and flapping against her chest as she jogs up and down the stone steps. Then Isa does jumping jacks. She even smacks herself in the face with her boobs! She has a black belt in boob-fu.

Isa has heavy, soft tits that she can tug and pull and she does it with passion. She can suck a breast and hold it in her mouth hands-free while she toys her pussy. What a woman. She’s an energetic brickhouse. A luscious, tasty, juicy, fleshy brickhouse flowing with sexy juices. Que rica!

“I don’t socialize much and I can be shy at times,” Isa said. “I like an extrovert who can make me laugh and makes me feel very loved. My sexual fantasy is to make love on top of a tree and to give a man a rim job. I love to give and receive oral. But I only have sex three or four times a month. A lot of breast play is important to me during foreplay, a lot of kissing my tits and nipple sucking. A guy has to love tits or we can’t really be together.”

Date: February 1, 2020