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Jordynn’s First P.O.V.


It’s point-of-view time with plump man-pleaser Jordynn LuXXX. We talked to Jordynn about her first P.O.V. video and more.

XLGirls: Tell us a little about it, what you thought of Carlos and how he made you feel. All the good stuff.

Jordynn: Carlos was really fun to work with. Super sweet and funny! We laughed a ton on-set! Now, the hardest part was getting started. I’m very tight and it took us ten minutes initially before we could even get him inside me. That was crazy!

XLGirls: Big cock; tight, little girl. It was shot in point-of-view style. What do you think about this kind of photography? Do you think it’s better or hotter than the usual way scenes are shot?

Jordynn: I’ve never done a POV scene before. It was difficult initially getting used to looking at the camera as his face versus actually looking into his eyes. I did enjoy this scene because it was new to me. I’m excited to see how it came out.

XLGirls: What do your fans ask to see you do the most in your videos?

Jordynn: Most of my fans have asked for doggy, girl on girl and anal. I do anal with my husband and love it. I haven’t ever done anal with anyone else. I’d love to do a GG scene or BGG scene with SCORE. I haven’t been lucky enough yet.

XLGirls: We’ll let the studio people know and thanks for that virtual fuck scene.

Date: February 14, 2020