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Alexis Tae


Alexis finds out devastating news while hanging out at her best friends house: her scumbag of a boyfriend has been cheating on her. Again. He just cant keep it in his pants and will apparently fuck anything that walks. Normally, shed turn to her BFF Laney for emotional support but Laneys hot dad Charles is there for her first. As Alexis explains what happened, its not long before his dad, Steve, starts turning on the charm. He calls her over to get a better look and invites her to sit on his lap. Gems such as Your freckles are like constellations drip in a heavy German accent and her legs begin to open to his fingers. Charles inhales the sweet suck of caramel along the ridge of her neck before plunging his dick down her throat. Alexis is game to make her boyfriend rage out and concocts the perfect payback: banging her besties dad and grandpa while Laney sleeps soundly upstairs. Its therapy in action and by the time shes swallowed the second load, shes long forgotten about that lame boyfriend of hers.

Date: February 21, 2020