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Blue Movie


Lilli Blue offers her sweet, plump ass as a birthday gift.

“I’m an assertive girl,” Lilli informed your editors. “I get what I want when I want it and at XL Girls, I wanted cock also. I asked for a big one. I’m aggressive and I like to initiate the action.”

Lilli said she’s horny all the time and that includes self-pleasuring. “What satisfies me a lot also is knowing I got my partner coming as hard as he can. The worst thing a man can say is ‘I’m asexual.’ I love to see the cum gush out of his cock tip all over me. Messy but yummy!”

Lilli is very domesticated.

“I come from a household full of women, and we were all very open and honest. Although, out of all my sisters I’ve got the widest exhibitionist streak, but I’m not the weirdest. But the other ones have the 9 to 5 thing on, so I guess they don’t have the same consequence-free environment that I have going on. I’m a housewife, which I’m loving. It’s great, especially since people have this idea of a housewife being this submissive woman. But to me it means that my home is my castle. I cook and clean naked and with fancy aprons. I have a fancy apron collection, and some of them are specifically meant to be worn naked.”

Date: February 24, 2020