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Workin’ At The Car Wash


It’s a beautiful sunny day. So take a sexy, voluptuously stacked girl with huge boobs like Lavina Dream here. Add a hose. Add a car. Add some water. Find a private outdoor spot. Mash them all together and what do you get?

Tits ‘n’ ass car wash time.

The best course of action is to pull up a lawn chair and let Lavina get to work. No one will mind if she spends more time sponging her curvaceous, beautiful body than the auto.

Please note how Lavina bends over the hood, pressing her big breasts and sticking her round ass out. No car wash like this is in business anywhere. If there were, XLGirls would want to know about it.

After Lavina hoses down the auto’s chassis and then her own chassis, she gets into the passenger seat and fingers her lady box and rubs her big boobs. Reaching over, Lavina takes hold of a thick vibrator and pistons it in and out until her motor starts humming. Man, this car has every accessory possible.

Date: February 24, 2020