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Sofia Santana: Sin senos grandes, no hay alegría


Sin senos grandes, no hay alegría: Without big breasts, there is no joy.

Sofia Santana was a nurse before she decided to show her dangerous curves, large, juicy breasts and well-padded ass. But her medical education isn’t totally over. She wants to study psychology, maybe go for a degree. Sofia could start with the mind of the breast-man and why girls like her drive us crazy.

“I’m so used to the constant attention because of my looks that it doesn’t bother me. I’ve gotten used to the stares and questions,” Sofia said. “It’s fine because I’m an extroverted woman and I like to socialize and meet people.”

If Sofia leaves her house dressed like she is here, it’s no surprise that she turns heads anyplace she goes. Some girls have got it, some girls don’t and some girls have got enough for three girls.

“When I masturbate, I think of someone I like or the singer Daddy Yankee. I like to cum with a vibrator. When I go on the webcam, most guys want to see me play with my breasts.”

Date: February 28, 2020