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Sweetie Care & The Stud


A stroll is more than a stroll when Sweetie Care goes out for a stroll. It’s a breast-shaking, boob-trembling, tit-jiggling strut for anyone who sees her walking. A parade of female pulchritude. Striding confidently along the street, shoulders swinging carefree from side-to-side, Sweetie is enjoying the day. Her blouse is unbuttoned just enough to show lots of cleavage.

Sweetie’s next-door neighbor Jason sees Sweetie passing by him to go home and calls out to her. Sweetie turns and asks him if he’d like to come with her. They walk back to her place and head straight to the bedroom.

Sweetie gets into bed and Jason immediately goes for Sweetie’s large tits from behind her, filling his palms with that sweet, sweet breast-flesh. He wraps his arms under her boobs and shakes Sweetie so he can see the flesh melons bounce and jiggle.

With Sweetie now naked in heels, Jason maneuvers Sweetie so she’s on her hands and knees, tits dangling and fills her wet mouth with cock. Sweetie makes murmurs of satisfaction as Jason pumps her throat. Turning Sweetie around so that her big, juicy ass is before him to admire, Jason thrusts into her pink pussy and gives her the first fuck from behind before changing up their positions. There’s a lot of Sweetie to savor and dick-down and he aims to satisfy her.

Date: June 18, 2020