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Captain Kamryn


Captain Kamryn Monroe of the Bounty is looking for seamen. Able-bodied seamen. The kind that light her fantasy fires as she strokes a big one out. There’s awesome huge boob motion in this video.

First, Kamryn begins self-sucking her perky nipples before the three-minute mark. At four minutes, Kamryn releases the kinetic energy stored up in her big tits in a fantastic burst of wobbly, quivering breast flesh. Born in Cape Cod and living in the South End of Boston, Captain Kamryn truly inspires mutiny in a man’s shorts. Shiver our timbers.

Kamryn’s a Boston chick all the way. The Patriots. The Bruins. She was discovered through Twitter. A cam girl, Kamryn says she’s never been on a date. “No one ever believes me but I haven’t.” That seems impossible to believe but Kamryn says it’s true. How can a girl so hot-looking not get asked out every day.

Date: June 24, 2020