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Bra Experiments With Lola Paradise


Lola Paradise is a lovely blonde who knows everything there is to know about brassieres, inside, outside and upside down. Lola has a selection of bras she wants to wear for you and she gives you her opinion of each one. Boob science is a subject no breast lover ever gets tired of.

Near the end of her experiment, Lola tries on some ridiculously small bras way too tiny for her enormous, beautifully shaped tits, but her boobs look good in them, especially when she jumps up and down. When Lola’s done, she gets naked, leaving her stockings on, and vibrates her stiff nipples and savory pussy with a toy that has an attached clit stimulator.

“I like push-up bras,” Lola said about her taste in breast-holsters. “I love big cleavage. The problem is that most bra companies make push-up bras only for women with small boobs. I buy my bras in special shops for women who have large breasts.”

Date: June 27, 2020