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Hot Plumper Has Her Asshole Stretched By 2 Hard Studs


Thickalicious and cuddly girl-next-door Tessa Orlov gets into the mood for her upcoming threesome with a striptease show. She doesn’t flaunt her body on any given day but we quickly learned that when she’s on-camera, she turns into a hot babe.

This is the first time Tessa’s had sex with two men at the same time. When we first met her, she said that it was a fantasy she’d never had for real, just something she would think about when she masturbates. “I would like to try a threesome but so far I have not been able to do it.” XL Girls comes to Tessa’s sexual rescue by setting her up with two dependable pros who won’t let her down.

With all of her clothes and inhibitions shed, Tessa sits on the couch and wiggles her finger at Tom Holland and Steve Q. to approach her and give her the action she’s day-dreamed about in a flesh-fest of non-stop fucking and sucking.

They take turns feeding Tessa cock and filing her throat; feeling, jiggling and fucking her big tits; and fingering and pounding her young pussy. Then they take turns plunging deep into her tight butthole. This is the moment that Tessa practiced for, once with toys of different sizes and once with a real dick. Now she gets two cocks in her ass and her two-man fantasy is finally satisfied.

Date: June 29, 2020