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Chubby Redhead Plumper


Today is sexy secretary day at the XL Girls office and Yola Flimes is our girl Friday. Also Saturday, Sunday and the rest of the week. Yola is dressed for success in her tight top and skirt, stockings and high heels. She has free reign of the office to do whatever she wants to do when she wants to.

Whatever Yola wants at the office, Yola gets, including extended coffee breaks. She likes to bend over to show her big ass and tits and finds a lot of creative ways to spend the work day. When she says she’s at her desk, she really is at her desk, and on top of it.

Yola described her talents on her job resume. She was immediately hired after we read it.

“I can move my breasts with the help of my muscles. I spank my ass perfectly. And I write poetry.”

Date: July 11, 2020