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Jim needs some relief and he needs it now so he calls Cat and asks her to be at his place when he gets home. Cat Bangles is right on time to greet him at the door and she’s dressed to raise the wood, wearing a corset, stockings and pumps.

Cat and Jim waste no time getting down and skip the small talk. She takes his boner out of his pants to give him one of her incredible blow jobs and tit-fucks, jerking his dick between her hangers. Here’s the tit-man’s dream girl, but she’s real, awesomely real!

Cat pounds her big boobs with his cock like it’s a hammer, strokes it fast and hard, spits on it and sucks it some more. A lot of guys would pop from having this kind of mouth, hand and tit worship.

They swap places so Cat can hover over his face and get some tongue action herself. She squeezes and rubs her dangling hooters while he licks her pussy. All juicy, Cat is now ready for the big boy to do some dicking-down. Make a girl like this happy and you’ll be happy too. This Cat loves the cream.

Date: August 10, 2020