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Fat Redhead Fucked Hard


Krissy Dawson and Steve Q. know it’s not polite to speak with their mouths full. At various times in this scene Krissy has a toy or Steve’s dick in her throat and Steve’s mouth is full of Miss Dawson’s nipples.

Krissy’s said that she didn’t get a lot of sex until she got into porn. Masturbation was her main stress reliever. She loves a lot of nipple stimulation with fingers or tongues. If she’s not seeing anyone, she’ll do it herself. It’s been a while since a photographer sent a Krissy scene to XL Girls. We thought she had retired.

Krissy used to be a wrestler. Most female wrestlers around the world tend to be ripped but we’ve been told there are some thick, roly-poly lady wrestlers at some gentlemen’s clubs in the Czech Republic.

Steve has the upper hand in this sweaty tussle with Krissy and fucks her brains out. She sticks out her pierced tongue for hot cream, so, ever the gentleman, Steve loads her mouth. This match ends in a tie.

Date: August 30, 2020