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Big Fat Bitch


“I was bored in my job,” Jola told us. A sales clerk, Jola needed a change. “Every day was the same. Show customers what they wanted to see and try to sell it to them. I would go home, watch TV and go to sleep. Repeat the same thing the next day and live for weekends unless I had to work.

“I was offered an opportunity to model and I took it. I had never posed before. I mean I have many photographs but never naked. It was a change for me. At first I was nervous but by the afternoon, I felt like I had been doing this for a long time. I also like what the other girls do. I respect and admire them, they are beautiful.

“I masturbate almost every night before I go to sleep. Sometimes in the tub. Sometimes I will read part of an erotic book. Then I will take one of my vibrators from my night stand. I like thick ones that make me feel full. I do not care for little thin ones. I will rub some lubricant in my pussy or on the vibrator and turn it on. I like to start off slow and then go deeper. When I masturbate like this I often think about well-built guys’ butts in tight pants or naked. This makes me cum so hard I can get noisy but I don’t want the neighbors to hear.”

Date: September 1, 2020