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Incredible Deep Round Cellulite Covered Ass Cheeks


Here at BootyLicious, we like our chicks in all flavors. But, as you all know, one of our favorite recipes is Spicy Latina Ass Cheeks. It ain’t Original Recipe, but we know The Colonel wouldn’t kick a chick like Ninel Garcia out of bed. This thick Miami dime doesn’t speak much English, but we know she’s fluent in our fuckin’ language. And that’s all we need.

“Te gusta?” Ninel says as she flaunts her phat, tanned Latina ass. For those who don’t know, “Te gusta?” means “Do you like it?” And the only thing dudes like us can say to that is, “Si, mamacita.” That’s “Yes, hot mama,” for those who don’t know. Yeah, this chick is as hot as it gets. Luckily for her, she’s got one of our most-hung dudes, Donnie Blasthoe, to cool her spicy Latina ass off.

Donnie lays Ninel down and fingers her ass while she diddles her clit. Our boy is just teasing Ninel a bit, though. The real treat is when he stuffs his monster piece of man meat into her pussy and then her spicy sugar seat.

“Si, que rico,” she shouts as Donnie’s cock slides in and out of her tight ass hole. “Dale, dale, dale!”

Donnie picks up his pace with each of her lustful shouts. When you’re smashin’ a bad little chiquita like this, you have to follow directions.

“Mas, mas, mas!” Ninel shouts as he’s hittin’ her ‘donk from the back.

Donnie blasts this bitch harder than she’s ever gotten it. Then, he drops a heavy load on her ass to cool this babe off a bit.

“Que rica, esta leche,” Ninel moans as she rubs his jizz into her ass.

For those that don’t know, that means, “That jizz is so good.”

All Mr. Blasthoe can say is, “De nada, mami.”

Date: September 4, 2020