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Super Long Saggy Udders And A Nice Thick Fat Ass


As sexy and beautiful as ever, a dish in her bikini and high heels, Helen Star walks towards the camera and then walks away from it, catwalk style. She does the walk three times, then takes off her shoes and struts barefoot.

Standing tall, Helen turns around several times so we can see how her body looks in the bikini, then she takes it off very seductively, playing a tease game. Helen bounces her boobs inside her bikini top, then turns her back to the camera and bends forward to show off her jiggling buns and spank her cheeks.

After she gets her bikini top off, Helen swivels her hips and bounces her breasts. She rubs, claps, bounces, jiggles and swings her heavy tits from side to side.

Helen does the boob drop several times then lifts up her breasts to suck on each nipple, making loud sucking sounds and leaving lipstick circles. Taking off her bikini bottom, Helen dances and gyrates seductively, rubbing her breasts. She turns around, sticks her booty out and rubs, spanks and twerks her cheeks.

There’s a lollipop on the table. Helen sucks and licks the lollipop. She rubs it on her nipples and then licks each nipple. Going to the patio, Helen jumps rope, sending her breasts flying. Getting on a mini-trampoline sends her soaring in the air. She sits on a big workout ball and bounces. Her large, soft breasts have gotten some workout.

Leaning back on a couch, Helen reaches for one of her favorite toys and buzzes her pussy while she sucks on her finger and a nipple. She finishes herself off by rubbing her sweet spot with her fingers. What a girl. She’s named well, a true Star.

Date: September 6, 2020