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Christy Sparks: Her Sister’s Boyfriend


Christy Sparks is reading stuff on her phone when there’s a knock on the door. The knocker is Nicky Rebel. He tells Christy that her sister is meeting him here. Christy tells him that she’s not here and doesn’t know when she’ll be back. Nicky asks her if he can wait, so she lets him in.

Christy goes back to the couch and her phone. Nicky sits next to her and eyes her up and down. He’s fixated on Christy’s big tits. His girlfriend–Christy’s sister–isn’t busty. Christy tells him that her mom has big boobs but it doesn’t run in the whole family. He tells Christy that she should show them off. Because he wants to look at them. She’s not sure because he’s her sister’s boyfriend but she agrees.

Nicky helps Christy out of her top and bra and palms her big, soft tits. They start to make out. His hand moves south to fondle her smooth pussy. She’s not wearing panties. Christy starts to touch her pussy as he licks her breasts.

Nicky sees she’s primed. She’s ready for cock. He stands on the couch. Christy pulls his jeans down and his boner pops out two inches from her face. She teasingly licks it, then swallows it down and sucks him like she’s been sucking cock for a long time. She asks him if she’s doing it right, and believe us, she is.

After Christy has her tits fucked, Nicky slips her the beef. They both forget that her sister is on the way. They’re too wrapped up in their fucking and sucking.

Date: September 13, 2020