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The Star Sisters’ Really Big, Big Show


The Star sisters, Helen & Erin Star, have paired up for a fantastic video.

Helen and Erin wear white tank tops without bras, tight little shorts and high heels in the beginning. They look spectacular.

They begin side-by-side and strut to the camera then turn around and hot-walk away from the camera to show their shapely cheeks. Erin helps Helen undress and Helen helps Erin undress. They kick off their heels also and do the hot-walk again, naked and barefooted.

Erin helps Helen put on her bra and Helen helps Erin put on her bra. The girls energetically bounce their boobs inside their bras. After the bouncing, Helen unhooks Erin’s bra and Erin does the same for Helen.

Naked and standing side-by-side, the girls bounce their boobs, swing them, loudly self-suck and self-lick their own nipples. They do boob drops and chest bumps. Helen plays with Erin’s boobs, rubbing, jiggling, squeezing and massaging them and Erin does the same to Helen. The girls cream each other’s breasts and booties with white lotion.

Erin tells Helen she’s been bad and has her lie across her lap to spank her on the couch. Helen does the same to Erin. Helen asks Erin if she wants a lap dance on the couch. After Helen lap dances Erin, they switch so Erin can lap dance Helen. The girls sit side-by-side and masturbate with their toys.

It’s time to cool down so they share a garden hose to get wet. Thank you, Erin and Helen, for a great time.

Date: September 28, 2020