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Taste A Ginger


When we asked Addison Bound if she was the dominant or submissive type, she gave us arguably the best answer to that question we ever received.

“Well, it depends on who wins the wrestling match that night,” Addison said. “I’m a little firecracker, so you’ve got to be ready to go for a tumble with me.”

We’re sure every guy reading this right now is up for a good ole wrestling match with Addison. Especially with her tits hanging out of her top right now.

“I caught you looking,” Addison says as her latest scene opens. “Do you like my big tits?”

Well, we couldn’t be expected to look anywhere else, now could we?

“You know you want to be with a girl like me,” Addison adds. “Soft skin, white as snow and big natural titties.”

Addison’s speaking our language. She knew exactly how to talk to us and what we like to see. She’s the type of girl who talks dirty and can back it up, too. She stares into the camera as she fingers her clit, and her gaze only grows stronger when she pulls out her favorite toy and fucks herself. That dildo sliding in and out of her might as well be our cocks.

“Oh, that’s the cock I’ve been waiting for,” Addison says. “That’s the cock I need.”

Addison’s is the pussy we need. And we can almost feel her juices dripping all over our throbbing members when she pushes herself to an orgasm. Girls this sizzling-hot don’t come around too often.

Date: October 7, 2020