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A Night With Lola Paradise


“Today was a hard day,” Lola Paradise says when she gets home from work. If Lola dresses like this at the office, it must be a great work environment for male employees. Lola teases while taking off her dress. “I need hard cock. I love hard cock. Hard cock between my boobies,” Lola moans, jiggling her perfect big tits. Her large areolae are like saucers. She’s ready for a shower before she can claim her hard cock. Before she takes the showerhead in hand, she struts naked around the room.

In the shower, Lola pours soap gel all over her luscious body, still talking about cock, giggling and sighing. She soaps up her breasts and massages them, rubbing her nipples and her booty. When she gets out of the shower, Lola rubs moisturizer into her supple skin. She keeps it soft, sweet-smelling and smooth with this routine.

Lola slips into special black stockings she’s bought for this occasion and goes into the bedroom where her man is waiting in bed. She climbs on top of him, pulls his pants down and rubs her breasts all over his dick and sticks it in her mouth so her lips and tongue can work their magic. She loves to worship the dick with her breasts and mouth.

Lola gives him a hand job and rubs the tip of his dick over her tits. She lowers her plush, sexy body over his cock and uses her hand to guide it into her tight pussy, moaning as she pumps up and down. Giving him a quick tug, Lola flips over so she can get fucked from behind, fast and deep. Every guy should be blessed with a living Venus like Lola Paradise.

Date: October 10, 2020