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Wham Bam Ram Slam


Jordynn LuXXX picks up Carlos Rios and takes him back to her place. Her man won’t be home for a while so she has time to kill and she wants to kill it with a rough and tough stud. Carlos has done the nasty with short and stacked Jordynn before in her first P.O.V. and she respects a man who fucks the shit out of her.

Carlos gives busty little Jordynn a complete working over: sucking her pierced nipples, sticking his fingers in her mouth, bending her over a comfy chair and inspecting her ass and pussy…the works. He then drops trou and makes Jordynn kneel and worship his cock with her talented tongue and lips. Taking her head in both hands, he fucks her pretty face, tapping her outstretched pink tongue with his cock like a hammer and making her gag and drool. His cock is her suck toy. Her lips are stretched as he fucks her face.

Jordynn’s booty call man roughly fucks her boobs and sticks his fingers in her mouth. She spits on his bone, strokes it and turns around so he can jam it up her cunt and drive her home. Jordynn takes it deep and Carlos keeps the fast bang pace going. She rides his dick both ways then sits in the chair and gets plowed again. At no time does our dynamic duo come up for air.

Date: October 22, 2020