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Ivanna Lace Finds Her Happy Place


It’s been too long since we last enjoyed the delicious Ivanna Lace. The brunette beauty has one of the sweetest bodies in all of XL Girls.

As we once wrote, Ivanna is a bodacious babe who brings out the werewolves faster than a full moon. Yet she calls herself an ordinary girl. We strongly disagree. Ivanna is exceptional.

“When I can, I like to sing in karaoke bars. I feel I am very hospitable, cheery and outgoing and I love to talk. I like to go on dates during holidays…Valentine’s Day, New Years Eve, of course, and other holidays. I am romantic.

“I like a man to be a gentleman and treat me like a princess. Before we have sex, I like to play. Kissing, having my nipples sucked and licked, and soft touching with sensitivity and tenderness.”

Date: October 25, 2020