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Jessie Rabbit’s XLGirls Takeover


“I was on the drill team in high school and I played volleyball,” Jessie Rabbit tells us. “I love to watch basketball. Currently the Utah Jazz is my favorite team. Occasionally, I enjoy yoga a lot. I really enjoy makeup and photography. Creating content is by far the most-fun job I’ve ever had.

“I love wearing low cut tops. Knowing that people are looking turn me on. I recently got a chest tattoo to draw even more attention to them. I was so busty in school that people thought I stuffed. I have to order my bras custom-made online.

“I absolutely love knowing people are staring and wanting to touch me. It makes me wet thinking about it. I wear a bra in public because these are heavy and I can’t afford to employ someone to walk behind me and hold them up for me all day.”

There’s no doubt that many guys would volunteer to do that for Jessie for free.

Date: October 25, 2020