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Greta Grindhouse At Her Grindhouse


Sexy redhead Greta Grindhouse’s wardrobe and style combine her love of vintage glamour and retro pop culture with a modern approach. “I love making costumes, collecting records and shopping for vintage treasures.” Greta is also a talented painter and finds inspiration in the models of the past.

We’re at Greta’s place in Canada where she chats a bit about herself before she shows off her plush, pale, lush body. You’ll love her 52-inch, 41H-cup tits and juicy ass cheeks.

Greta describes herself in true retro pop culture style as “a sensuous sex kitten with deadly bazooms.” If she had been a model in the 1960s, she would have made nudie-cutie movies in nudist camps. “I love all things vintage and I want to expand my collection of vinyl records. And I’m learning how to make myself squirt. ”

Greta cums and cums hard with two of her toys in this scene. She heats up her bed sheets, vibrating her clit with one toy and filling her pussy with the other toy. She can suck her own nipples and gets very vocal when she’s pleasuring herself or being pleasured by hard cock.

Date: November 12, 2020