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Packin’ The Melons


The wildest thing Annemari’s ever done in her life is have sex with her husband on a train. She found the experience hot yet scary at the same time, extremely nervous that a conductor would spot her getting fucked and throw them off the train.

Annemari’s first time with TSG was a solo pictorial. She had never modeled before but she felt the urge to try it. A married lady, she saw a TV show about plus-size women and began investigating her options. She soon found one of our Prague, Czech Republic photographers and posed just that one time. She was a brunette back then. Our photographer reported that Annemarie wasn’t nervous at all during their photo shoot. She enjoyed it but we didn’t hear from her again. Then unexpectedly Annemari sent a message to XL Girls.

Annemari comes over to the bed where Steve is waiting. She pulls the sheet off him and glances mischievously at the camera. She leans over, gets between his legs, takes his dick in her hand and begins sucking him off. Steve hasn’t met his porn-date yet and is impressed by the size of her tits. They are true face-pillows.

Steve and Annemari take turns on each other. He feasts on her huge whoppers. She feasts on his boner. She squeezes her boobs together from the side and he slides his dick in and out of her cleavage-pussy.

Annemari lies on her back and Steve gets between her legs to finger-bang and lick her wet hole. Annemari goes crazy when he does this and gets even crazier when Steve begins screwing her. When it’s Steve’s time to blow a load, Annemari does the right thing and jacks him off on her face.

How did Annemari like Steve’s pussy service overall? “He had a good cock. I would fuck him again! Sex with a professional man is great. Every girl should try this.”

Date: November 15, 2020