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Andi Peacock: Sexy Stunner Dips & Strips


Andi Peacock has a million-dollar smile and a luscious body to go with it.

Bikini-clad Andi goes for a dip in her pool, and after cooling off, heads into her bedroom to heat up again with horny, big-boob masturbation.

Andi found out about The SCORE Group from her husband. “I didn’t start developing to my current size (36DDD) until my college years. So after college, I was the bustiest woman in my group of friends.”

Andi is proud of her body and it’s easy to see why. She’s a naturally sexy woman.

“I usually dress to emphasize my boobs. I enjoy the looks I get and how it makes me feel sexy and beautiful. My husband loves it. I do enjoy the attention tremendously. It makes me feel amazing.”

Date: November 27, 2020