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To Pop A Nut On Poppy


Poppy plays with her pussy, using a clear toy while she squeezes one massive tit. She pours some gel on her breasts as Neeo jumps into the picture. First he squeezes her tits, feeling her soft breast flesh and sinking his fingers in deep.

Neeo wedges his dick between her boobs and has compliant Poppy hold them while he fucks her tits very hard. He holds Poppy by the hair and keeps up his tit-ramming speed. We’ve had Neeo provide stud service for several XL Girls and he’s like a human fuck machine, dominating them physically and psychologically. He likes to show them who the boss is. He’s not the kissy-kissy kind of porn stud.

Holding Poppy by the head, he pulls her in close so she can get as much cock down her throat as her boobs shake and juggle. Poppy gets on her back to get her tits cocked again. While she’s busy attending to the dick inside her cleavage, Neeo takes her toy and sticks it in her pussy and in her mouth. Poppy gets no breather. Eager to fill the blonde plumper up, Neeo spreads her pussy open and fucks her brains out.

Date: November 30, 2020